Foodinese: A language spoken around the world

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Introductions, please.

My name is Carol Lee, aka Foodinese Queen.

Carol's big eyes

Me and my babe Lucas

Food truly is a common language of love.

I’m an American who grew up in Saudi Arabia (seen the movie The Kingdom? The expat community was modeled after my town.) As a child I got to travel around the world and developed a palate for all sorts of food!

I know it doesn’t look like it, but I never really grew up with Chinese food at home. Cheese always won over the tofu in my book. Then I married my gung-ho-for-Chinese-food husband and got some major Chinese foodies as in-laws. While we couldn’t exactly talk to each other with a common spoken language, we could definitely communicate in the kitchen. Motivated by my husband’s family’s love for cooking Chinese food, I hope to unveil some of these recipes to you…mixed in with some dishes from my repertoire 🙂


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